T92g wave type solar tire pressure monitoring system

T92g wave type solar tire pressure monitoring system

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1. The color screen of the monitor is always on and never recharges

2. The display has a built-in displacement sensor, acceleration sensor and vibration sensor, which can automatically shut down when driving and sleep when parking. It can stand by for more than 60 days when fully charged, and can automatically start solar charging when virtual power is supplied;

3. The air pressure and temperature are displayed on the same screen. When the tire is abnormal, the dazzling LED will flash automatically, accompanied by an audible alarm

4. There are two colors for display, tuhaojin and piano black, and different colors can be customized according to customers' requirements;

5. The internal and external sensors can be updated in seconds, 24-hour uninterrupted measurement;

6. When the tire rolls for one week, the display updates the latest data to avoid parking for a long time. When starting the car, the tire is flat and the user can't find it;

7. External sensor battery can be replaced, long service life

8. The sensors are made of vehicle grade materials, and the display is not deformed after 100 ℃ high temperature test;

9. The installation angle of the built-in sensor can be adjusted to adapt to a variety of wheel hubs, so as to avoid damage caused by too high angle during installation or disassembly;

10. Monitor shell color: Gold

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